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EDUCATION: JR National Young Leaders Conference


About JRNYLC: I first worked with Envision EMI in 2010 as a Faculty Advisor, a year after graduating from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University with a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education.  Junior National Young Leadership Conference) was a year-round conference at the time.  After working with JrNYLC, I gained the confidence to enter my first year as an Art Teacher at KIPP Pride High School.

After two years of working with KIPP, I rejoined JrNYLC in the summer of 2012.  At the end of the summer, this time after working with JrNYLC, I gained the confidence to resign from KIPP Pride High School for various reasons.  I then decided to take a year off from working to consider, plan, design, and create my own curriculum and standards for education.  While visiting a family member in Gloucester County, NJ, I was involved in a car collision where my truck was struck and totaled by a police car.  I then began working as an Art teacher at an Elementary and Middle School in North Philadelphia, also known as North Philly.  After working two years in Philadelphia, I decided to rejoin JrNYLC this summer to share what I’ve learned over the years.

Reflecting on my first experience as a Faculty Advisor and my current experience, I have grown majestically as a Teacher.  Hard work and dedication to my career has help me gain a status of Nobility.  Even though I continue to be stereotyped because of my swarthy appearance and American Moor ancestry, I strive to educate all children, free of prejudice, with a culturally-responsive perspective, all while providing the tools to navigate our world as a Global Leader, Master, and Scholar720°

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  1. I love your Website, mostly how you incorporated who you are in it!! Keep up the great work, Continue to be you and make positive impacts on the youth.


    • Thank you so much! It gets hard at times and is a very demanding field. I am following the righteous path as straight as I know how. All praises to the Most High! Thanks for commenting.


    • I took ur advice and went home
      And tried to do something. Now I have an idea , an importance, a mission statement, an organization name and logo. Where do I go from now? I’ve been contacting businesses trying to get a corporate sponsor but I don’t understand what they need and what I need to do for this work. Help/advice?


  2. Thank you for sharing such positive energy! What an awesome impact you’re having on our youth; I’m so proud to be a fellow alum of North Carolina A&T Univ. Continue to share your gifts and passions, the children need more like you! God continue to bless you in your endeavors!


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