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I am currently working in my 10th year as an Art Teacher and in my second year with KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools.

Click link(s) below to view School Art sites created by me.



K8 and K-6 Art Teacher for Mastery Charter – Clymer Campus – July 2013-June 2019



Visual Art 1 & 2 Teacher for KIPP Pride High School – August 2010-August 2012

During my short career as a Visual Art and Journalism teacher with KIPP Pride High, I also coached Junior Varsity,  Varsity Boy’s and Varsity Girl’s Basketball.  Unfortunately, I was forced to resign from KIPP Pride High School in August of 2012, after working two years (2010-11, 2011-12) as a Visual Art Teacher under Tammi Sutton, my 7th Grade teacher and founder of KIPP ENC College Prep Public Schools, formerly KIPP Gaston’s Founder and Executive Director.


On January 15, 2011, during a basketball game at the school, I was involved in a Basketball Collision where I was assaulted by another KIPP Teacher, who kicked the back of my head to the Basketball Court, breaking my nose and knocking my front teeth out.  I was coerced about the Collision and after a year,  I realized that Ms. Sutton and KIPP Pride High School would not pay the expenses as she promised. After the 2011-12 School Year, I resigned, feeling undervalued as an employee and as her former student.  It is the most traumatic experience of my life, which has left me with medical expenses, physical injuries, mental damage, and so much more that I have only recently began to share.

Below are a few of my Art contributions while working with KIPP: GASTON (KIPP Pride High School & GCP – Gaston College Preparatory) currently KIPP ENC (Eastern North Carolina).


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