SPORTS Photography


After resigning from KIPP in 2012, I hit the lottery for $1200 and began traveling freely up and down the East Coast (I-95 & I-85) as a Photographer.  In 2013, my career as a Traveling Sports Photographer with several AAU Basketball teams (ISSA Athletics, BTA Athletics, New Jersey Sparks, etc.) was put to a stop after I was hit in a Collision involving Gloucester Township Police Department. While traveling EAST in BLACKWOOD, NJ, my truck became a Total Loss after a front-end hit by a Police Officer, which left me stranded in New Jersey without a vehicle. I was forced to move in with my Uncle in North Philadelphia. After waiting a month without receiving the location of my vehicle, GTPD finally revealed the location of the truck. When I was able to see the truck, all of my property was missing; It had been ransacked, leaving only the papers from the glove box scattered throughout the truck’s floor.  The Township of Gloucester and the GTPD have yet to respond or settle involving their admitted fault and fraud in the 5/28/2013 Collision alongside Edith Pearce and the Pearce Law Firm. Since the Collision, I have not stopped being a Photographer.  Without transportation and 400 miles away from my hometown, I was forced to get a job in Philadelphia. My freedom as a Traveling Sports Photographer had been taken away. Even though I have since bought and paid off another vehicle, I am currently awaiting the day of Justice and Retribution.


I just want to take the time and thank my Cousins, sister and brother, Jehzekiah and Johnnah Johnson, two of the BEST Basketball Players I know.
2011-2012 KIPP Pride High School Junior Varsity Head Coach
During the 2019-2020 School Year, I was able to coach and provide Photography for KIPP Philadelphia Preparatory Academy – KPPA Middle Schools Girls Basketball team.

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