19 year old popular Filmmaker, Photojournalist and Chester (Pennsylvania) native.


I first met Tedd in 2007, while working as a Residential Counselor for Project Forward Leap in Philadelphia, PA.  Since then, it is easy to see how Mr. Miller has been pursuing his passion, chasing his dream, and strengthening his mind to redefine his city as a positive community.

While primarily working in the state of Pennsylvania, Tedd Miller, has managed to used his skills to link with other Chester natives such as Roc Nation Producer Jahlil Beats, Preach, E Gram, and Ill Will to, I quote, “put Chester on the map”.

In 2011, Tedd used his skills to capture the Community Protest held at the Chester Police Station in response to the deadly shooting of Daniel Simms by an officer of Chester. While not gaining National Media Coverage, as with majority of Black Male Homicides in urban communities, it did manage to receive local media coverage, with photography by Tedd Miller being featured in Chester’s newspaper.

More information can be found at


Now in 2013, Tedd Miller looks to continue to grow his passion and skills for Photography and Filmmaking, in addition to studying Journalism at Delaware County Community College (DCCC) in MEDIA, PA.


As a close friend of mine, as well as someone I look up to for following his heart, I would like to say, Tedd, keep up the great work and never let someone tell you what you cannot do. #GRINDING

5 thoughts on “Meet TEDD MILLER

  1. Awesome! Congrats Tedd…Keep up the great works. Chester has a lot of young men that need a great young role model as yourdelf.


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