2017 Envision Experience #jrnylc

To whom it may concern:

I resigned today at 8:08 am. I made requests, yesterday, about a room change or at least a working ventilation system for 27 eight and ninth grade scholars. I did not complain about the oversized group and accepted the task. Last night, I was told that something would be done about the room. At the meeting this morning, I asked again and was told nothing was done. I went to check the temperature of the room because LFGs were inside all day today. The temperature was different from the rest of the conference. I resigned after realizing that a disservice was being done to the scholars and parents that chose the program. Being a faculty advisor since 2010, I would think a comfortable and secure learning environment would be first priority. After realizing, it was not, I turned the advisor manual, radio and charger, and medical list. I did not want to present myself as the employee of Envision, doing a misdeed to the leaders of the future.

Ronald Smith El

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